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Our MSRP is on our tags & seen here on our website. 
We request that all our items are sold at the same price everywhere.


Wholesale Prices: Our items are available to you at discounted prices.
All items will come as a 6 item minimum per style & color.  (mixing of sizes only)
Please contact us for pricing &/or retailer brochure.


Consignment Prices:  Your shop will retain 50% of the MSRP.


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Colors: White or Pink
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL

 - Hoodie (choose Long or Short Sleeve)
 - Cami
 - T-shirt Short Sleeve
 - Capri or Skirt
 - Panty 

Capri or Skirt

*KIDS BAG $160

Colors: White or Pink
Sizes: Size 8, 10 or 12

 - Hoodie Long Sleeve 
 - Beater
 - T-shirt Short Sleeve
 - Capri
 - Hair Bow (choice of color)


Kids Size
Hair Bow Color

* Sample Bags are non-returnable


   Enjoy Being a Girl!
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